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Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts is designed to amaze you.
The Health Route Of Wisdom is actually 1,000+ separate sites,
each designed exclusively to empower you to empower yourself.

The Health Route Of Wisdom of countless masters, millionaires, champions & billionaires,
has only one function and purpose: getting you there faster.

1,000,000 pages filled with eye candy, and PowerGems.

Whether or not you're bright enough to understand it, and use it,
one fact is unchanging:
This IS the single most powerful day of your life.

This is the day you shut up and get busy, becoming far more of what you are capable of.

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Summarily, the Health Route Of Wisdom and Health Route Of Wisdom are here to serve you.
The aim is to successfully encourage YOU to do no more nor less than use what you control.

Perhaps the Health Route Of Wisdom should come first, in YOUR estimation and routine use.
Finding, observing, asking, and then imitating the people who live stronger for longer is core.
Everything after that depends mostly on environmental circumstance, and YOUR repetitions..

Do not underestimate the reasons or effect of capitalizing 'you' as often as you see throughout the sites.
Among other reasons, it is both useful and possbility critical to frequently remind you that this IS about you.
Never mind how others engage their own perception of unless they're winning.
The people who do it best are the only teachers worth imitating, for who shows it the best knows it the best.

The reason for engaging your own Health Route Of Wisdom practices is simple; You have to be alive, to thrive.
What's the benefit in all of the fruits of practicing the Health Route Of Wisdom without health to make it all good?
If you're young enough to think you won't get hurt or damaged or impeded, that's fine, positive attitude helps.
What is of measurably greater benefit is a positive plan, a map, a recipe, a blueprint, a printed invitation.
` When you know precisely where you intend to go, you multiply the likelihood of actually arriving there.
People who do not know where they are going tend to end up somewhere else, much to their surprise

Air, water, oil, minerals, fiber, and probiotics.
These are the six prime components of YOUR fountain of youth.
Ingesting enough of each is enough to achieve sweet results.

The greater your engagement of your own Health Route Of Wisdom, which means living this way as a habit,
the easier and more productive you'll surely find the Health Route Of Wisdom to work for you, in high gear.

So, we can already begin counting the overlaps of Health Route Of Wisdom and Health Route Of Wisdom :
This way, upon command from your own internal dialogue, you can move into highest gear when you wish.
History has provided us with glimpses of the greatest intellects, the most productive men, women, and children.
Technology provides us with this fascinating acceleration of information dispersal, and you get to tap into it.

By learning three new USEFUL facts per day, about whatever subject is of greatest and narrowest focus to YOU,
your mastery, in matters of both health and wealth, do not merely increase as they have throughout your years.
Instead, you find that, for example, techniques and approaches of change the game.

If, for example, you suddently begin drinking ½-ounce to an ounce of water per day…. for every pound you weigh,
AND you start drinking 2 or 3 spoons of good-quality oil, such as organic coconut oil, you'll experience benefits.

It doesn't matter who you are, or what physical - or even emotional - issues you might be currently dealing with.
It doesn't matter because 100 of 100 people, or certainly no less than 99.99% of a given population, WILL benefit.

Water and oil are two of the critical components of successful mammalian health practices.
We can oil our skin and bones BETTER FROM THE INSIDE THAN FROM OUTSIDE!!
No solid is more important than real salt, repeat, REAL salt, meaning air-dried sea salt, preferably Himalayan.
Probiotics are the difference in 100 of 100 people to digest well, eliminate well, sleep well, all in high energy.

Fiber is critical to clean from the colon all the truly stupid decisions you've put inside of your body, ugh!

Thus is this taste of which WILL boost your use of the Health Route Of Wisdom.
The Health Route Of Wisdom is aimed at success in all human endeavors, brought to you from the horse's mouth.
Imitating the people who outperform society is the single fastest way to assure acceleration of YOUR success.

Combine the Health Route Of Wisdom and the Health Route Of Wisdom as you see fit, since it's your life.
Wisest of all? First imitate the recipe of someone (or many people) doing it much better than you.
AFTER you imitate their results, it makes sense for you to then engage YOUR wisdom/experience.
Your innovations will be worth a thouand times more than they can be when still immature, hm?
When you do something easily, quickly, with confidence, knowing that you'll do it quite nicely,
it is only because and only after you have practiced it, to get your movements down smooth.
Let these schools of thought from masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires help you up.
Grab the Health Route Of Wisdom with both hands, eating, drinking, and breathing more wisely.
Take any one, and then any two or more of the Health Route Of Wisdom PowerGems, great shortcuts,
and run harder than you've ever run in your life. If you don't, you stay mired in middling mediocrity, for life.
Better to pick up the ball that constitutes the sum of your identify combined with the best of your skills or talent.
Wrap the Health Route Of Wisdom and Health Route Of Wisdom around you. They generally reciprocate

Closing reminder from the Health Route Of Wisdom on Knowledge:
What you know and what you think you know are not often on the same proverbial page.
Learn how to do the one-second energy test, so that opinions and beliefs get short shrfit.
Wisest people know that proof is better than belief. Learn QRA testing in one minute.
Use it for a lifetime, making it a Health Route Of Wisdom delight for health in life.