Imbalanced Trials of the Century   - The Who's Who Debacle and Tragedy
Thomas FX Dunn again shows why he is the worst lawyer, if not the most incompetent attorney in America


Seventy thousand - CEO's, C.O.O.'s, Chairman of the Boards, and Presidents of the Fortune 3000
A generation's best and brightest victimized by a total news media blackout

1700 Who's Who organizations in the USA.   Marquis Who's Who sat on top for 100 yrs.
Along came Who's Who Worldwide running past Marquis, creating an executive club.
Reed Elsevier, foreign owners of Marquis, Lexis Nexis, Martindale-Hubbell, etc., did not like being second-best,
so the goal was to crush the largest executive club ever created: Who's Who Worldwide Registry.

Can you explain never hearing about this impressively dirty trial, one of our longest federal trials?
With a corrupt postal inspector and more, they succeeded.
70,000 top executives lost their investment.    Not a whisper in the media.     A news blackout.

              One Amazing Story... Dirty Trials... ... Scandal... blackouts ... and more ..             

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It is not difficult to describe the Who's Who Registry debacle,
the scandal of abject government corruptibility, including but by no means limited to
a scurrilous lout named Parker on the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, clearly for hire,
in sum one of the dirtiest and most corrupt federal trials in American history.

With pre-trial hearings rushed through December, the trial began in January and did not conclude until the final week in March.
Still, not a word from the media on what was alleged to be the largest scam in American history,
wherein seventy thousand of the brightest, most accomplished humans allegedly "fell victim" to telemarketing scammers,
and loved their memberships so much that forty thousands of them renewed and/or upgraded their memberships

Obviously, they got value, or they would not have returned in such stunning and historically unprecedented numbers.
Call the White House today. Please, demand pardons for the Psychology of Shortcuts "Who's Who-ers."

Can you imagine being on trial where your name is mentioned in the paperwork itself as "et alia?"
Convicted of conspiring over eight years with defendants you never met, heard of, or even knew of at all?

Never mind half the trial having nothing to do with the sales defendants. How about NINETY-NINE-PLUS percent?
That's not a misprint. Not even one page in a hundred, of evidence, of claims, of testimony, of the transcript itself,
not even one page in a hundred related to the actions, intentions, motivations, or words of the six sales defendants.
Tainted jury to the sleeping judge who'd already reviewed this case for two years and dismissed the charges!!
The same judge, Arthur Spatt, found that no crime had taken place, dismissing the charges,
only to have the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals reinstate the charges and, get this...
REFUSING TO HEAR AN APPEAL, despite there being more than a dozen grievous errors.
You're asked to call for an Executive Pardon. Please, raise your voices.

Bruce Gordon's rapacious greed and deceptions, his IRS and corporate finagling ad infinium ad nauseum,
THOSE are prime factors of this trial. Two adult sons committing suicide years apart says too much, hm?
One child committing suicide is a comment on parent and child. TWO children comments only on the parent.
Dragging along six of his best salespeople, although the government never charged the "slick" salespeople,
those who were fired for not observing the highest standards of ethical conduct demanded at Who's Who Worldwide.
Please, help save the names, the reputations, and in some cases the very lives of the real victims in this dirty case.